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3 Things You Will Always Wish You Knew Early In Life

Existentialists believe that our life is a product of our actions and inactions hence it is completely shaped by our choices. So many adults today are living a life of grief due to the numerous mistakes they made when they were young. There are some mistakes that life might never allow you to correct hence you have to live effectively. Life has a lot to teach you every day hence why should you stop learning?

What you do daily goes a long way to determine how effective you will live. Your youthful days are a very delicate stage of your life and you have to live them with care. Whatever you do at this stage of your life will go down to affect you later. Life work base on principles and you will go far if only you can abide by them. 

If you are still young, this article will go a long way to help you because you can still correct some mistakes. Some of the things so many people will wish there knew early in life include;

1. Previous success is one of the major hindrances to success and not a failure

One of the reasons so many people do not go far in life is because they are always satisfied with the little they have done. Previous success misleads a lot of people into thinking they have arrived instead of working for the next phase. One of the reasons so many rise but cannot maintain that success is because they were hungry for success but had no appetite. Always be ready to do better than you have done. The spirit of excellence is the reason why most people are successful and if you want to be great, forget about the applause of men and move on.

2. Education without the discovery of your gift won’t take you far In life

Have you ever wondered why the most brilliant people are not the world richest? This clearly shows that there is more to success than mere brilliance. Many intelligent people are poor because they have not discovered their purpose and passion and this is something school will not do for you. We are all created for a purpose and that is where your fulfilment lies. There is a particular gift God has placed in each and every one of us and until we discover it, we cannot go far. This explains why many people are brilliant yet poor. Try and discover the particular reason God sent you to earth for. There is no way you can fulfil your purpose in life and be broke. 

3. Value family and relationships more than money

The greatest gift you will ever have is the gift of those around you. Never trivialize the place or relationship in your life. As you live, always try to nurture care and attention for your loved ones, family and spouse. Try and stabilize quality relationships. Never sacrifice your loved ones and family for business or money. You will always need people hence the faster you adopt this mindset, the better. So many people have made this mistake and there are regretting it today. This was one of the regrets of the late Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple) even on his deathbed. 

Everyone who wants to be successful should adhere to the tips of this article. 

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