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Dating Romantic

FICTION: The Tall Girl I Love From School.

Chapter 28: Charlotte's birthday party.

I agreed to attend her birthday party the next day and she thanked me for accepting to come.Photo credit: Google

That day, I had it in mind that I was going to she Cecelia the next day so quickly took my bath and got ready.

It was 5 O'clock already so I called her and told there that I was one my way going to the park where we would meet her and we could hangout.

*Phone rings*

“Hello, is this Cecelia”, I asked.

“Yeah it me Max”, she said.

“Am on my way going to the park, hope I'll she you when I get there”, I said.

”You don't need to worry. Am also on my way”, she said.

The call ended and before I left, I told mom that I was going to Cecelia.I had earlier told her that she was my former classmate who left town and we did not see each other for so long.

She agreed to allow me visit Cecelia and she was not mad about my decision.

I left home and I entered the Taxi cab and the driver quickly took me to the park.

I looked for a nice spot were me and Charlotte could stay and hangout in the park so I decided to sit on a bench under a tree with cool breeze.

It sat there for about 10 minutes and I waited for her to arrive the park were I would meet her but I did not see any sign of her around so I decided to call her and tell her that I was waiting.

*Phone rings*

“Hello, I have arrived the park and I have been waiting for you Cecelia. “Please were are you”, I said.

“I am at the park now, I'm even seeing you. “Turn your back”, she said.

When I turned my back, I saw Cecilia, she was looking more beautiful and more grown up than she was the last time I saw her.

I was so surprised and i must say, my heart started beating as fast as a tiger.

She came close to me and she smiled at me. I looked at her from head to toe and I saw that she was glowing with beauty.

I told her to sit with me on the bench and she agreed to my offer.

“Hello Max, It's been a long time I saw you”, she said.

“Well, you travelled and left me all alone here. I really missed you”, I said.

“I missed you too, how is everything. “,I hope you are doing fine”, she said.

“Am doing good though”, I said.

We hangedout and talked to each other for over two hours so it was getting late already and she insisted that we should start going home.

We walked slowly to the gate of the park and I saw some hotdogs so I bought two of them and we ate.

We continued walking to get a taxi cab and she asked,“So Max, do you now have a girlfriend?

“Well, not yet, am still searching for one though”, I said in other to hide my relationship status with Charlotte. “What of you, do you have a boyfriend yet, ” asked.

“No, am still single”, she said.

I finally got a taxi for her and she entered the taxi. She promised to call or texted me later.

I waved at her and she left.

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