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5 Lifestyle Habits That Can Make People Lose Respect For You

A person's lifestyle habits has to do with their total way of life which includes; the kind of food they eat, how they dress, their work ethic, their behavior in public etc. Everybody wants to be respected however, in most cases, respect has to be earned and not everybody has the ability to earn people's respect.

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The way you present yourself to people the first time you meet them, can go a long way in determining whether or not, they will respect you. Unfortunately, many people are fond of exhibiting bad lifestyle habits in public which makes people lose respect for them instantly.

Some of these habits are not done intentionally while, some are done intentionally. Whichever the case might be, it is important to know that there are certain lifestyle habits you shouldn't practice in public if you want people to respect you.

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Here Are Five Lifestyle Habits You Should Stop Practicing In Public If You Want People To Respect You

1. Rushing Or Dragging For Food At Events: events like weddings are public events and people who attend these occasions should by guided by certain etiquettes. However, some people have the habit of rushing for food as if they have never seen food before.

Some people even go to the extent of, dragging food with other people. Rushing and dragging for food in public is one sure way of making people not to respect you. Unfortunately, even some well-off people also drag for food in public.

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2. Bad Mouthing Your Partner: relationship issues are a private issue, and the only time you should talk about your relationship to an outsider should be when there is abuse and that outsider should not be a stranger or, somebody you do not know very well.

Sadly, some people have the habit of using their relationship and their partners as a discussion point which is an easy way to lose respect in public.

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3. Dragging Your Feet Loudly While Walking: walking smartly is one of the way to gain respect in public. However, some people have the habit of dragging their feet while walking.

Dragging your feet while walking makes unpleasant noises which people find irritating and when people find one of your habits irritating they will likely lose respect for you.

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4. Wearing Underwear Outside: underwear are intimate wears that are not meant to be worn or seen by the public. But some people especially, men have the habit of wearing their boxers and singlets to go and buy things in public shops.

Wearing underwear in public makes people uncomfortable and it makes them believe that you have no sense of decency which will make them not to respect you.

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5. Speaking Loudly On The Phone And Popping Gum:  a public place is a space where different people carry out various activities which means that, what people do in public can affect others.

Some people have the habit of shouting while makes phone calls without considering that their loud voice might be disrupting other people's activities. It is also very wrong to pop gum in public. These two habits can make people not to respect you.

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