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8 Things We Do Wrong Daily, And The Right Way To Do Them

There are a number of things in our day to day lives that takes up too much of our time when they shouldn’t, they also manage to get on our nerves too. Fortunately for you readers, these things could be avoided in some cases. 

In today’s post, I present to you, 10 different ways to make these daily activities easier for us. 

Drinking Coke through a straw

Instead of trying to pour the content in the can into your mouth, just get a straw a place it just as yopu see in the pictire above, enjoy. 

Making the perfect fried egg

This is a hack no many are aware of as you could easily make perfect round eggs without spending money on any special gadget. You only need to cut a ring of onion, put it inside the frying oil and pour your egg into it, shikena. 

Joining wires together

If you are joining some wires together, just tie a small knot at the point where you connect the wires together.

Peeling garlic

This is one of the easiest things a lot of people don’t know, just put the garlic inside a jar and close the lid tight. Then give it a good shake and you have your peeled ginger. 

Doing a manicure

This is for the ladies, if you have been trying to get your nails done by yourself and you cant figure it out, just follow the steps in the picture above and see the beautiful result. 

Refrigerating your drink quickly

If you want to quickly refrigerate a drink, all you have to do is wrap it in a damp paper towel and place it inside the fridge. Give it about 15 minutes and your drink should be cold and ready. 

Tying shoelaces

This is the easiest way to tie your shoe lace. Use this method and your shoe lace will never come off. 

Bidet vs. toilet paper

Using the bidet in your toilet has been proven to be more hygienic than a tissue paper. It is recommended for people who had recent surgery around waist area or women who just gave birth.

Content created and supplied by: LeisurewithAmara (via Opera News )

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