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How To Say HELLO In Nigerian Languages

Nigeria is one of the biggest and the most populated country in Africa with a population of 206,139,589 people as of 2020. Nigeria is also one of the business hubs in Africa and one of the countries full of sceneries that attract tourists into the country.

As a businessman, tourist or a foreigner moving to Nigeria for any reason, you will like to know the basics of the language which will help you to get acquainted easily and also to win the hearts of the people in the country. Study the paragraphs below to learn how to say HELLO in Nigerian Languages.


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Kedu is an Ibo way of saying Hello. It can also be translated to be “how are You.” Kedu is by far the most used greeting by the Ibo ethnicity.

Bawo ni

Bawo ni is used by the Yorubas as a way of saying Hello or how are you. This is used in the morning to noon and cannot be used after the afternoon.


Koyo is used by the people of Benin City in Nigeria and its neighboring communities. Koyo is a way of saying “hello” or “how are you.”


Mesiere is used by Efik or Ibibio people as a way of greeting. It is a common greeting used by the Efik or Ibido and it can be translated as Hello.


This is used by the Housa tribes in the northern region of Nigeria. Sannu is a way of saying Hello at the Nothern Nigeria.


Abole is a traditional Nigerian greeting that is used by Idoma and Benue State area. Abole simply means Hello or How are you?


Mavo is literally translated as how are you? Mavo is used by the Urbhobos and it can also be used in the context of saying hello.

How far?

How far is a Nigerian pidgin translated how are you or hello. It is usually pronounced “har far.” This is an informal way of greeting.

I hail

I hail is a Warri pidgin which translates How are you or Hello. Another way of saying hello in Warri Pidgin includes: “I greet your Ministry.”

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