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Here Are 11 Bad Habits To Avoid In Public Places

The habits we practice regularly are foundations that can build or destroy a successful life. So, as a matured person there are certain habits we must avoid in order to maintain quality relationships and healthy lifestyle.

In this article, I'll be sharing with you 11 bad habits to avoid in public places.

1. Avoid picking your nose in public places, this is unhygienic, instead make use your handkerchief.

2. Avoid popping gum in public, if you must chew, it should be done courteously.

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3. After eating at an event, restaurant, etc never use your finger to remove meat from your teeth, use a tooth pick instead.

4. Avoid wearing sleeping dresses, like pyjamas, night gowns etc outside the house, they are to be worn inside the house.

5. Don't talk loudly or shout over the phone, you do not want to expose yourself to people around you.

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6. Avoid farting in the public, it can be very embarassing and disgusting. Instead, excuse yourself and use the rest room.

7. Avoid talking and hitting a person while conversing in the public.

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8. Never rush to get food in public places like restaurant, eatery, occassions etc always remain patient until it is your turn to be served.

9. Avoid dragging your feet on the floor while walking, learn to walk smartly.

10. Avoid stealing or taking other people belongings without their permission, learn to ask for their permission before using their stuffs.

11. Avoid biting your fingernails in the public, it is unhygienic and unethical.

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