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3 Changes You Must Take Note In Your Life After 5 Years Of Living In A Rented House

Like they say, the only thing that is constant in life is change. Whoever that does not experience a change in his or her life can be likened to a dead object with no life. As a tenant, it is a must for you to keep a tab on how your life has faired ever since you have moved into that particular house.

The truth is that, no matter how many years you have spent in a house or how cordial is your relationship with your landlord, a time is coming that you will no longer be a tenant in that house. Even if you wish to continue, the reality of life will set in and you will have no option than to change the environment.

If as a tenant, you have spent about five years in a rented apartment and you did not see significant improvements in these three areas of your life, then something is wrong somewhere.

1. If you live in a rented apartment for about five years and there is no changes in your source of income, you need to take a pause and replan your life. Some houses are aliens to progress. It could either be the environment or the foundation of the house that is making it difficult for tenants in that house to have a headway.

If your income is one hundred thousand naira before you moved in, and after about five years, you are still earning that same amount or it has even reduced, you need to check your life in relation to your existence in the house.

2. Another thing you should also watch out for is the size of your family. There are situations where young couples will move to a new apartment and five years after, nothing has happened between them. No sign of pregnancy let alone children despite all medical reports that confirm them fit and fertile. Some people plan to have more children but the moment they move into a new house, that is the end of that dream.

In this case, it is not the problem of money or career progress. It is about increase in the family size. When you notice this after five years, you need to change the environment. There are foundations that are faulty and no matter how much tenants try in that house, nothing will happen until they move out.

3. After spending five years in a rented apartment, you should have a place you are developing as a site. Even if you have not completed it or ready to move there, you should be proud of having something somewhere for future purpose.

If you don't have something like this, you should take time to study your life to know if things are going the way it should.

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