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5 Things You Should Not Do In Public

The world is full of different people with different habits and characters. But despite this fact, there are still things that a person should not do in public no matter if it is his/her character.

The only problem is that only a few people know about these things they should not do in public, while others just tend to portray this character on a daily basis.

Although this might not have an influential difference in your health directly, it can affect you indirectly. So it is best you avoid it from the onset.

1. Talking loudly on the phone

This is a very wrong character a whole lot of people have continued to portray. Although some of them don't even know they are loud. When you speak very loud on phones, it will not only disturb people around you, it might also put you at risk.

You might be discussing a business with someone and criminals might hear of it and decide to rob you. Some of them might not even care if this is actually true or false, they will try to either kidnap you or rob you.

2. Sneeze repeatedly without covering your nose or excusing yourself

This is a wrong character that can seriously irritate a lot of people. Although it might not have an influence on your health, it could affect the way people look at you.

A lot of people regard people who do such a thing as irritating people.

3. Using your hand or objects to remove wax on your ear or clean your nose.

This is another wrong character that irritate a lot of people. Most people regard this type of people as people that lack manners.

4. Change a baby's diaper in public

A baby can poo at any place and at any time but it is wrong to change a baby's diaper at any place especially when the place is a public area. Changing a child's diapers in the comfort of everyone like in a public transport or cab is wrong.

It is best to either excuse yourself and go to the toilet to change it, if it is an office. If it is on a public transport, the baby will have to wait until you come down from there.

5. Fighting in public

This is one of worst type of characters a lot of people have to stop. Fighting in public is generally wrong because it poses danger to both your health and dignity.

Anything can happen to you or the person and one of you will be blamed for it. This also makes a lot of people look at you as a person that lacks discipline.

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