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Spice Up Your Wednesday With These Funny Pictures Of Okon (Bishop Umoh).

I have one major duty this morning and that is to put a smile on your lovely face before you go out today for your endeavors. I will be using the funny pictures of Okon ( Bishop Umoh) to achieve the Herculean task.

Before we get started, you need to know that Bishop Umoh popularly known as Okon is a Nigerian comedian that has featured in many Nollywood movies.

1. See the picture of Okon when he was still a boy; when his big belly has not been developed. At this point, I am sure that he never knew he was going into comedy and entertainment.

2. Okon is mimicking a lady in the picture below, and the lady is laughing at how Okon is doing that. You can try acting funny today and see how your colleagues will respond.

3. Okon playing the role of a policeman is one of the best scenes you can watch in Nollywood movies. He will not charge you for serious crimes but you will pay dearly for something stupid.

4. Okon can be the best man that will brighten your wedding or make it special. He has proven to be a reliable and a good man for the job.

5. Okon shows off his pot belly, his funny eye gestures, and comic press with other veteran comic actors. Imagine a movie producer bringing Okon, Osuofia, Shaggy, and Mr. Ibu together in a movie; you will agree with me that people will laugh from the beginning of the movie till the end.

6. Okon can treat a lady like an African queen, women like it when the men they love make them laugh and treat them nicely as they deserve. You can get one of Okon's romantic series and we how he does that.

7. If you want to see someone that can act weird, Okon will be your surest plug. He can do anything just to see that you wear a smile as you watch him.

8. Okon does not like stress, don't come and be saying logical things for he because he will not understand it. This is a popular meme which signifies ones' inability to recognize or decode a logical statement.

9. Please don't argue with Okon if you like your life, he will talk and talk without getting tired but one major thing you should note is that he will not believe whatever you are saying but rather, will want you to agree to his assertions.

10. Okon is not the man you will look for his troubles and go scout free, he will come for you with a weapon, and believe me, you will not like yourself afterward.

11. Okon can pray for you and you will see your long-standing problems vanish away, all you should do is to allow him to get himself to the mood of praying for you.

Dear readers, I wish you a nice day and do well to stay happy by viewing these comic pictures of Okon any time something wants to make you sad

Don't forget to share with your friends too for them to laugh as well.

Content created and supplied by: Dr.miles (via Opera News )

Okon Umoh


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