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Psychology Tricks That Supermarkets, Eateries And Virtual Betting Use To Make You Spend More Money

Many business establishments make money when you buy their goods or use their services. We all know this, so it should not surprise you to know that they put in a lot of effort to make you buy more from them. They use some mind tricks that involves both science and psychology.

1) Supermarket

It starts right from the entrance, most of the time they decorate the entrance with attractive items and colourful flowers. These flowers give a soothing view that will help to relax your mood.

The atmosphere is also filled with the aroma of a either baked bread or freshly fried chicken. Your ears are not spared either, they are soothed with some slow music to make you relaxed.

People tend to work slowly when they feel relaxed, thereby spending more time looking at items. The more you look, the more likely you are to purchase items that are not in your budget. They also use a method called "planogram" when arranging things on the shelves in order to improve sales.

Items are sometimes arranged in such a way that you are likely to see the most expensive ones first. More useful and cheaper items are either placed lower or higher on the shelves.

They've also learnt the trick of using fractions instead of whole number when putting price tags. Instead of writing ₦500 or $50, they'll write N499 or $4.99 to make you feel that you are paying less.

2) Social media

Social media are very addictive, and you don't seem to know why. They can keep you glued to your phone for as long as possible. It might sound funny, but these social media platforms employ thousands of programmers and computer scientists to devise new features to make their platform even more engaging.

One of these features is the "infinite scroll". With this "infinite-scroll", you don't need to click the "next button" to move to the next page. So you keep scrolling and scrolling and more contents would automatically come up, and you will never get to the end of the page.

It is true that you are not paying, these social media platforms are free to use. The truth is that you don't have to pay them because they make their money from advertisers. All they need is to keep you online long enough to view these adverts.

3) Restaurant

Big eateries, restaurants and fast food joints make use of "elaborate phrasing" to make a usual meal sound more appetizing in their menu. They use phrases such as "juicy, tender and drenched in sweet, tangy sauce", to describe a normal chicken meal. You could see things like creamy cake, creamy vanilla ice cream, sweet and tangy barbecue sauce, etc.

4) Virtual betting

Virtual betting platforms employ a mixture of science and psychology to increase betting. These platforms are programmed in such a way that they will make profit at the end. Occasionally, they could allow their players to win jackpots just to encourage more betting. As a player, you could also win back some part of your money, for example, you spent N5000 playing multiple virtual games and at some point you won N2500. You will consider this a win, but you have actually lost N2,500.

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