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What Comparing Yourself To Others Can Destroy In Your Life

It's simple to think about how successful other people are by looking at them. You're puzzled as to how they got there and why you're stuck here. The next thing you knew, you were comparing your flaws to their strengths. It's not right. Here are some reasons why comparing yourself to others won't help you achieve your goals.

1. Comparing yourself to others can stall your progress.

You'll never get anything done if you spend your days comparing yourself to other people's accomplishments. You must devote all of your attention to achieving your own desires and objectives. Don't waste your time comparing yourself to other people

2. It's harmful To your self-esteem

"Comparison is the death of joy," said Mark Twain, and science backs him up. Comparing has been shown to cause feelings of jealously, low self-confidence, and melancholy, as well as jeopardize our capacity to trust people, according to research. While downward comparison, or comparing ourselves to those who are less fortunate, might be beneficial to one's self-esteem, it also has a cost. To feel adequate, we must take pleasure in another's failings or tragedies, which can inspire mean-spirited competition against collaboration; envy versus connection. You've crossed into dangerous area when comparing causes you to devalue yourself or others.

3. You're wasting your time

It's impossible to avoid comparisons. Of sure, it will occur to you that your closest buddy has the dream job or that your cousin has relocated to another country for employment, but making these comparisons will not save you time or make you feel better. Rather than waste time worrying about what you haven't accomplished or who you haven't become, invest this time in your work, relationships, and aspirations. The only time and energy you waste when you fall into this perilous trap is your own.

4. It doesn't help you achieve your objectives.

It's time-consuming and futile to think about how someone else is more attractive, has more friends, or is more successful than you. Being too hard on ourselves saps our motivation and makes it more difficult to achieve our goals. If you truly want to live a fulfilling life, you must devote your time and energy to your personal ideals.

5. Even before you begin, it makes you feel dejected.

Even before you get started, comparisons might derail your efforts. They have the ability to make you unhappy and push you to quit. Making comparisons is all you're doing, and it's draining your energy and stealing the joy out of your plans and goals.

6. It takes away your happiness, and comparisons frequently lead to bitterness.

When used in moderation, comparisons can be beneficial. If you compare yourself to everything around you too much, you may come to dislike your surroundings and yourself. Humans are hesitant to express feelings of jealously or resentment, although we all have them. To avoid sentiments of animosity, make an effort not to compare.

7. Makes you lose confidence

The majority of the time, comparisons are unfavorable and rarely assist you in attaining your objectives. They have the potential to sabotage your self-esteem, which can have a detrimental impact on your motivation, drive, excitement, and determination to succeed. In contrast, if you gain confidence, there's a good chance you'll cease comparing yourself to others.

8. Destroy positivity

The first rule of success is to be positive. If you lose your optimism, success will remain a distant dream. Before you can attain your goal, you'll have to overcome various difficulties and roadblocks. And the only way to overcome them is to remain optimistic and persevere. If you keep looking down the road to see where everyone else is going, you'll probably wind up in the incorrect location. Comparing your situation to someone else's is a surefire way to lose focus and vigor.


There is no such thing as a perfect life. Although you may believe that many people live wonderful lives with no drawbacks, this is not the case. Everybody on our planet faces troubles and obstacles at some point in their lives. This applies to everyone. Some people are simply better at maintaining their composure, at least on the surface. So, the next time you find yourself comparing yourself to a friend or neighbor, keep in mind that you probably don't know everything about their lives.

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