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Man Dragged into the Woods by his Dogs Soon Realizes the Reason they’re so Desperate

We may not quite understand how it works, but animals are born with a strong intuition. They always seem to know when a situation might be trouble or even when someone is in danger. Dog owner Mark White of Wixom, Michigan, knew this better than most.

Mark was recently out for a walk with his two dogs, Belle and Crew, when something bizarre happened. Little did they know was that it would be the beginning of a situation only Belle and Crew could handle...

Mark, Belle, and Crew had been meandering along their usual route through the neighborhood when a man suddenly approached Mark. He appeared to be unsettled and frantic.

The man claimed he was out looking for his wife, a 64-year-old woman named Terry. He said she suffered from dementia and that she was missing. The man wanted to know if Mark had seen anyone fitting his wife's description while on his walk that day.

Dementia can be a terrifying degenerative disease for those struggling with it. It's no less frightening for family members tasked with tracking down their loved ones if they accidentally wander off the way Terry had...

Unfortunately, the man's search was becoming more dire by the minute—the sun was beginning to set. While Mark hadn't seen the man's wife, he promised that he would keep his eyes peeled as he and his dogs finished their walk.

Mark was happy to help, but he worried that his efforts might be too little, too late. If it was getting late, how could he see any better than the man? It didn't help that the road was flanked by dense woods, which seemed to be getting darker the more he stared into them...

Mark continued to walk along with Belle and Crew while keeping a watchful eye on the surrounding area. That was when something odd seemed to overtake his two dogs. They tugged hard at their leashes, and Mark instantly knew that something was wrong...

Belle and Crew dragged Mark toward a wooded area along the side of the road. He realized they must have picked up on some sort of scent. He'd learned to trust their instincts over the years and decided he should take a closer look...

It wasn't a moment later that Mark caught a glimpse of what the dogs were sensing. "Sure enough, there was somebody sitting in the woods," Mark explained to police later. "So, we waited for cars to pass by and walked across."

The person sitting in the woods was, in fact, Terry! After saying hello and trying to make the disoriented woman feel comfortable, Mark escorted her back to her home. It was in the nick of time, too; Terry's husband was in the process of filing a missing persons report!

The local police were incredibly thankful for Belle and Crew's keen animal instincts. "The officers were in the process of taking the police report when [Terry] was ultimately found," Wixom Police Chief Ron Moore said.

Chief Moore was sure to mention the importance of the police and the townspeople working together. "This is a great story, because we value our partnership with our community," he added. Of course, Belle and Crew played a large role as "members" of the community!

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