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Man asked Igbos "What is the meaning of the name "Ojukwu"? Here's what igbos commented

The Igbo language is a very beautiful language and it feels so good speaking it. Not only is it a beautiful language but it also connect us back to our roots and our motherland. But sadly, many of us from igbo land are not conversant with this beautiful language, some of us have sidelined it and adopted a foreign language like English.

English language is a very good language, but it should not stop us from knowing our own mother tongue because that is part of our roots. We should also know our own language and be able to speak it fluentlty like we speak the English language.

Recently a man posted in an Igbo group on Facebook. He posted "Ndi Igbo nwem , what is the meaning of Ojukwu?"

Many igbos really didn't know the meaning, only a few answered aright. Here are some comments

This shows the need to know our language and be conversant with it.

What do you think about these comments? Drop your comments below

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