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The colour of urine that indicates that you have excess water in your body - Doctor

Experts say that most of the human body is made up of water. Based on this fact the health practitioners are advising us to drink enough water daily.

A Doctor has said that though our body needs enough water, taking it in excess is not advisable. He said that about three (3) litres of water every day is healthy for every adult.

Revealing what excess water can cause in the body, the health practitioner said that excess water in the body can cause loss of electrolytes from the body.

Revealing how one should know when he has excess water in his body, the Doctor said that if one urinate and the urine is as clear as his or her sweat, it is a sign that the person has excess water in his body.

He added that when that happens, you need to reduce the quantity of water you drink.

The Doctor writing on his official Twitter page, First Doctor or @firstdoctorr said, "If your pee is as clear as your sweat, it means you might have taken excess fluids (over-hydration).

"You need to drink a little less. Being hydration is good. But drinking excess water when you are already well-hydrated can make you lose electrolytes from your body".

He added, "Just drink enough water for your body, around 3 litres per day for healthy adults. Not too much and not too little".

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