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5 Dangerous Habits That Negatively Affect Your Fertility


Smoking has no health benefit, so it's absolutely ridiculous to engage yourself in something that brings nothing but major health consequences. Smoking has been associated with breaking and hindering the fertility of both men and women. Smoking does not only burn your lungs, it also has the ability to leave your womb and fallopian tube worthless, same applies to men.


Being obese takes a great toll on your reproductive system. When you're obese, it is a lot harder for your reproductive system to function well. Having too many fat cells can potentially block the free flow of hormones and major enzymes produced by your glands.

Over exercising

In as much as exercising is good, it can also be bad for you. There is a saying that goes "too much of everything is bad". Exercising too much only puts your reproductive system on the line especially when you aren't doing your exercises well. You also run the risk of having ripped or torn muscles which can be an extremely painful experience.


This is one drink that has eaten deep into the lives of many. It has destroyed a lot of people, yet, many still turn to it in their times of need. Alcohol has been associated with a handful of health risks like obesity, heart attack and increase in bad cholesterol levels. It is also one of the leading causes of infertility in men.

Use of Illicit Drugs

If you're planning on having any kids in the future, you might want to cut off your use of illicit drugs completely. The earlier, the better. Do not wait until you're married before you decide to quit drugs, a build up of these chemicals in your system has major damaging consequences on your reproductive system.

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