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The Reason It Is Actually Possible To Walk On Raw Eggs Without Breaking Them

A good number of videos of people walking on raw eggs without breaking them has shown up on the internet, and we are often marveled why these eggs did not break despite we erroneously thinking that eggs are not that strong to carry the full weight of a full grown human. The truth is that eggs are not as weak as we perceive them to be, and the videos of people walking on eggs have proven that.

I am sure many of us often say that some of the people in the video are using voodoo or juju to keep the eggs from breaking, if you are one of the people that have this thought, I believe it is high time you discarded it because walking on raw eggs without causing damages to the eggs is not the power of juju, it is just pure science. The same science I will be explaining below.

The fact is that eggs are only fragile at the sides of their shells but not at the two ends. What do I mean? The shape of the egg is oval, this means that there are two ends and a large round body which I initially pointed out to be the sides.

If you have noticed closely in all the videos shared on social media, the eggs are always arranged in a paper or plastic crates and this makes it possible for the eggs to be arranged in such a way that one of the ends of the eggs is pointing upwards.

When the egg is positioned as mentioned before, it has the capability to carry the weight of a full grown human. The reason for this is because the eggs are very strong at the top and bottom, while the curve body helps to distribute the pressure exerted on these eggs evenly over the shell.

This is the reason why a hen laying eggs can sit on these eggs without breaking them, but a chick can hatch the eggs from the sides of the egg. The two ends of the eggs are the strongest areas on the shell of an egg.

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