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Bitterleaf and scent leaf: Check 7 amazing works it can do for you

Bitterleaf is a wonderful plant which can be used for different purposes such as medicinal and nutritional uses. In Nigeria, bitterleaf is known as 'ewuro' in Yoruba land, 'Onugbu' in Igboland while Hausa people refer to it as 'Shiwaka'. It has been in existence since a long time ago and its curative power never diminish.

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Scent leaf on the other hand also serves both medicinal and nutritional purposes. It contains essential vitamins and minerals which also contributes to its uniqueness.

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In this article, we will discuss some importance of bitter leaf and scent leaf juice. The juice can be prepared by squeezing the 2 leaves together with little water for easy extraction.

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1. It can be used to treat stomach problems

Bitterleaf and scent leaf juice can be used for the treatment of stomach disorders such as diarrhoea and dysentery.

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2. It regulates blood fat

The juice extract is able to regulate the blood cholesterol and promotes heart health.

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3. It supply blood to the body

The 2 leaves helps in the production of red blood cells which normally supply blood.

4. Improves the reproduction process in both male and female

It helps men to have increased urge for sex and also prevent premature ejaculation. Likewise in female, it boost ovulation which can make conception happen quickly.

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5. Regulates blood pressure

The 2 leaves have properties that regulates blood pressure.

6. Controls blood sugar

The juice is capable of regulating the blood sugar of the body, therefore it is good for diabetes patients.

7. It boost the immune system

It contains different antioxidants that can boost the immune system when taken regularly.

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