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Reno Omokri, and this cartoon has finally shown that hard work does not pay

A Facebook user identified as Engineire Mohamed Yusuf, Electrical Engineering wrote a post where he differentiated hard work from working with intelligence in a cartoon.

Some time ago, Reno Omokri also made a post about the danger of working hard. He made it clear in that post hard work does not pay, it ages and kills people before their time. He added that it is only smart work or intellect that makes one rich and healthy.

To agree with Omokri's stand on hard work and intellect, a cartoon posted by the Facebook user has said it all.

Although the cartoon is explaining how engineering professionals get their tasks done by applying intelligence. All the same, the cartoon is teaching how superior intelligence is over hard work.

In his explanation with the cartoon, Mohamed showed how the two professions achieved their goals.

In the cartoon, the medical students were working hard by applying force on a cow and the cow refused to move along with them.

In the other cartoon, is an Engineering student who with his intellect used the cow to convey himself simply by stretching grass tied on a long stick in front of the cow while at the same time riding on the cow.

Then Mohamed Yusuf captioned the cartoon with this statement "Don't work hard, work with intelligence"

Remember that before this time we were deceived that what makes one rich is hard work, the two posts have shown that hard work does not pay at all. It can kill those given to it or makes them look older than their age.

The upper class has been using this slogan to maximise more profit from their victims.

Stop working hard, work with intelligence.

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