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5 Daily Habits That Are Staining Your Teeth

Your smile can make or break you. In fact, 94% of people said a smile is the very first thing they notice when meeting someone. And although most of us dream of having a Hollywood-worthy smile, many of us aren’t doing what it takes to get one. Besides drinking coffee and dark juices, there are more unexpected ways you might be staining your teeth without even realizing it.

However, here are 5 daily habits that are staining your teeth

1) You swim a lot.

Chlorine is one of the leading causes of teeth discoloration and many people aren't aware of the problem because you can't see the pH balance of a pool. This is also known as “Swimmer's calculus.” Pools have a high pH level that stains teeth brown and prevents saliva from doing its job in cleansing the mouth.

Even if your pool is properly maintained, it's entirely possible that your teeth have gone a bit brown after lots of regular lap swimming. Optimal pH levels of pool water are slightly alkaline.

2) You use mouthwash

Sadly, some mouthwashes may actually contribute to tooth staining and detract from the overall appearance of your smile. Mouthwashes that contain chlorhexidine gluconate (CG) are often marketed for the treatment of gum disease.

Like all mouthwashes that effectively fight plaque and gingivitis, Crest Pro-Health Rinse can contribute to temporary, surface-level brown tooth discoloration, which is reported by a small percentage of individuals.

3) You’re using a firm toothbrush.

Everyday use of hard toothbrushes can be dangerous to the teeth. Brushing too hard can cause wear on the enamel of each tooth or damage to the gum lining. Avoid using hard toothbrushes every day, but don't hesitate to use them occasionally for stain removal or denture cleaning.

Brushing too hard and using a toothbrush with stiff, coarse bristles can wear down and damage both the teeth and gums, creating a host of issues, such as gum recession and enamel wear, both of which are linked to tooth sensitivity.

4) You cook with certain spices.

As rich in color as they are in flavor, many spice blends rank high in staining power, due to brightly colored ingredients such as turmeric and saffron. Over time, their pigments can leave a yellowish tint on your teeth.

The bold deep yellow pigments in turmeric can turn your teeth just as yellow over time. Turmeric can also stain anything it touches, so be careful when using it.

5) You are stressed out

Teeth grinding is a common side effect of stress and can cause tooth wear, yellowing teeth, jaw pain, headaches and tooth loss, according to dental experts.

Source: Google, Bright side

Content created and supplied by: Ikechukwu (via Opera News )

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