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Laugh out loud with these funny pictures and Memes.

We hardly make much effort to find cheer and laughter, though we should. We are always busy doing one thing or the other, yet a simple laughter can make you relieved of some stress and also alleviate the pressure of the day to day hustling.

We should try and find out time to laugh often, laughter enhances our intake of oxygen rich air, it also stimulates our heart, lungs and muscles. Although laughter is not under voluntary control, it enables us to bond quickly and easily with a large community or people.

Without wasting much of your time, or writing too much, below are some of the funniest pictures and memes to cheer you up and lighten up your mood today.

1. When your friend is complaining of his 5k missing but you remember only taking 2k.🤣

2. The only reason i stopped swimming is because i have never seen anyone come out of the pool to go and urinate.🤣

3. I dont know why i keep falling in love with girls who's mother sells food.🤣

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