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Stop living your life to please people that will forget you when you die - Reno Omokiri

Many people today live their lives just to please someone else and not themselves. But the sad news about this is that the people they live to please will eventually forget them when they die.

Reno omokiri made a tweet on this earlier. According to him, people should stop living their lives to please someone else instead they should live their lives to please themselves. We came to this world alone so we should live our life to our satisfaction and not satisfy someone else.

In his words, 

Think of your friends that died 10 years ago, how many people still remember them? people will forget you when you die.

Stop living your life to please them. Live your life the way you want and stop caring about what people think. Let people think what they want, just walk your work.

What do you think about this statement made by Reno Omokiri?

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