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Check Out 7 Strange Ways People Bury Dead Bodies

Times have changed and alot of people have discovered new and even strange ways of burying their dead. Let's take a look at some of those ways below;

1. Planting of Trees with the dead body

This type of burial method is common in alot of places, the dead body would first of all be burnt to ashes before being used to plant a tree. Just like how you make use of soil in planting, the ashes of the dead would be used in planting a seed that would grow into a full tree. Even though these ashes are from a dead body, it may end up causing harm to the soil.

2. The Promession Method

The kind of method is not very common, it involves converting the dead body into fertilizer for planting. They have to first of all get the body frozen by soaking it in liquid Nitrogen, after that the body would be transformed into fertilizer to be used by the family members.

3. The Exposure burial method or sky burial

It is normal for people to bury their dead bodies underneath the ground, but this particular method has to do with burying the body above ground. There are some areas in the country with hard ground that is difficult to dig, the residents have to leave the dead body above the ground for wild animals to eat them up. They normally make the dead bodies attractive for the wild animals to feast.

4. Putting the dead body in a pod, this can also be called an organic burial capsule. The body will be left in there until it grows out into a full grown tree.

 5. Cremation Method

This method of burial is quite popular amongst alot of people in foreign countries. They would burn the dead body of their relatives and pour their ashes into a jar. The jar containing the ashes would then be handed over to the family members. Some Family members pour away these ashes while other preserve the ashes.

6. Turning the body into a Mummy or the Mummification Method

This method of burial has to do with keeping the dead body in a chemical filled tank for preservation. After that the body would then be wrapped in lots of bandages and buried. This actually helps the body to decay in a very slow pace, such practice is very common amongst the Egyptians.

7. Hanging the bodies on trees

This type of burial is not common everywhere, the dead body would be wrapped in a blanket or placed in a coffin before getting hanged up on a tree. People normally do this in other to prevent wild animals from getting to the bodies.

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