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"Celebrating Christmas Is Not Approved By God And It Is A Ticket To Hell"- Nyame Somafo Says

"Celebrating Christmas is not approved by God and it is a ticket to hell"- Nyame Somafo saysChristmas is a day where christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Every 25th of December, is a Christmas day.

During Christmas, families and friends come together to celebrate Jesus's birth.

A founder of Asomedwee Ntonton, Nyame Somafo, says that celebrating christmas is not approved by God.

He further explained that As God has not approve Christmas, people who are celebrating it are bond to go to hell.

"The only festival acceptable before God is Rabbi festival and anyone who celebrate other festival like Christmas, gets a ticket to hell", Nyame Somafo Says

He emphasized that Rabbi festivals are celebrated every year just like christmas, but people who celebrate Christmas continue to be sick.

He made this revelation on Cape Coast based kastle FM that Christmas is Akwasidea and Akwambe festival, that Gomoa people celebrate.

Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy your day. Don't eat too much food and stay safe.

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