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Increase In The Price Of Garri Can Decrease The Mortality Rate Among Diabetic Patients in Nigeria.

Please this article do not support the promotion of poverty, starvation or malnutrition. Rather its sole aim is to enlighten you about the effect of consuming food with less carbohydrate content.

Garri, a popular West African food made from cassava tubers. Garri or cassava flour is highly rich in starch and fiber content. However research has proven that it contains a trace of protein and some essential vitamins. You would agree with me when I saw it is one of the most consumed food in Nigeria especially in the Western and Southern region.There are various types such as: Ijebu garri, bendel garri, white garri and the Ghana garri.

In the garden city, Port Harcourt to be precise. It is no longer news that the price of cassava flour(garri) has recently increased tremendously from #450 per 2 kg to about #1000 per 2 kg. This has not only decreased the food's availability but has forced so many Nigerians to buy other food that are affordable and available

Regular consumption of carbs over a long period of time is the main cause of insulin resistance commonly referred to as type-2 diabetes. Insulin is our fat storage hormone.If insulin levels are consistently raised over time we can lose insulin sensitivity and become insulin resistant. It is produced by the pancreas and released to help the body metabolize sugars (glucose).Thus insulin resistance can result in the accumulation of sugar in the human body. Type-2 diabetes.

Well ,here is the good news .You can prevent and effectively control Type-2 diabetes by:

  1. Eat less garri 50 g to 150 g
  2. Eat more vegetables and fruits
  3. Eat healthy fatty food e.g animal fats, Avocado,nuts a seed
  4. Exercise your body

. 5,Smile because you know everything will be alright

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