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Easy Hacks to Remove Makeup Stains on Your Clothes

Liquid foundation squirting onto your blouse; powder puff making specks of dirt on your dress, or lipstick stain sticking to the neck of your shirt. These are all familiar scenarios for women who use makeup daily, so you are not the only one. 

Even when you have an apron around your neck, these products have a way of getting to your clothes. Besides, when you need to take your clothes off, you can't just prevent your foundation or lipstick by giving your clothes one last kiss, lol. This action often leaves your clothes looking messy, and even after washing several times, the stains remain stubborn. 

What do you do to avoid this? The solution is to know how to remove stains from your clothes in a few minutes so that you can get to work or the wedding party on time. Learn about the best tips to remove makeup stains in this article.

Use shaving cream

When it comes to stains caused by liquid makeup products, the best match is shaving cream. Start by scraping off the extra strain on your dress with the back of a spoon and apply a substantial amount to the stain. Then, leave for 6 - 10 minutes, and wipe off with a clean cloth.


Use a hairdryer to blow off any powder or eyeshadow stains on your dress. Start by setting your hairdryer on the cook and direct the nozzle on the stain. Within a few seconds, most of the powder pecks should leave your clothes. If they, however, remain, try not to rub it off. Instead, use a pre-wash stain treatment and wait for five minutes before washing the stained part.


Use detergents to remove cream makeup stains, such as highlighter, cream blush, concealer stains, and foundation. Start by pouring some detergent into a bottle and mix it with water. 

Then, get a clean white cloth, dip inside the detergent solution and dab it onto the stain. The key to achieving results here is to go gently so the stain doesn't go deep inside your clothes.

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