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Check Out The Reasons to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol is addictive and lowers your inhibitions and increases impulsivity, which can cause you to do something you will regret. Drinking alcohol increases your chances of being involved in an accident, placing your life and that of others at risk.

Alcohol takes a toll on your physical appearance. It can cause misconception between your relationships with others. By giving up alcohol, you will have to find new places to socialize in, other than a bar, which can open you up to new and exciting activities.

No more alcohol means more painful hangovers that leave you stuck in bed all day. Your quality of sleep will improve. Alcohol can also lead to liver diseases such as hepatitis or even liver cirrhosis. It increases your risk of developing cancer.

Despite popular belief, alcohol is bad for your heart. Alcohol can affect brain structure, affecting both short and long-term memories.

Drinking Alcohol is forbidden in Islam because it is considered an intoxicant, which means poison. The Holy Quran in various verses forbids intoxicants because one is not meant to harm oneself in any way or the other.

There are some verses in the Quran that forbid Muslims to pray under the influence of any intoxicant (chapter 4:43). The Quran also says that alcohol contains some good and some evil, but that the evil is greater than the good (chapter 2:219). This is meant as a deterrent to make people turn away from its consumption. The Quran clarifies that "intoxicants and games of chance" are "abominations of Satan's handiwork" (chapter 5:90-91). We interpret these verses as forbidding the use of intoxicants such as beer, wine and spirits etc.

Moreover, the Quranic ban is due not only to alcohol being an intoxicant, but also because it could make devoted Muslims to forget their prayers. To me, that would be far more harmful than anything else.

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