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Father's Day: Don't Just Give Your Parents Money in Their Old Ages - Reno Omokri

Reno Onokri has sent timely message to all people who still have parents as the whole world is celebrating Father's Day today. The famous social media influencer stressed on the importance of giving attentions to parents whose are particularly older rather than money which is common in our society. Today, every fathers in the world are being celebrated and there have been different messages, quotes and prayers seen on social media as people are commemorating this special day designated for Dads around the world. However, former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has sent strong messages to his followers on social media. He explained that people shouldn't limit cares given to their parents to monetary aspects alone. 

He emphasized that parents, especially those who have reached old ages should be shown more attentions. 

According to him, these are the things needed by them in their old ages as there will be needs for them to escape loneliness which is one of the main things associated with old ages. 

If people were able to sacrifice the same amount of time spent with their business partners, acquaintances, lover with their parents, it will be highly appreciated by the parents and the society will be much better off for it. 

Even if they are living far away from us, telephone calls should be a premium medium to show them the much needed cares and attentions. 

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