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Nkechi Blessing Blow Hot After Baba Ijesha Is Yet To Be Punish For His Crime, Read What She Said

Nigeria celebrity, Nkechi Blessing reacted over the way Baba Ijesha case is being treated after he allegedly molested a young girl. Though people wanted the law to take it full force because no one accept such behaviour in the society and anyone found guilty must face the law so that others will learn.

However, Nkechi Blessing posted on her social media handle and according to her "I wonder what investigation they are still doing, let him be punish. And for those requesting for CCTV of a girl being molested before they can believe, I am sure you have children and will you be happy when such thing happens to your child? And I don't care about your industry, if you decide to come for me I will be ready."

There are certain things we should not take common so that people will learn in other to scare other people from doing such act. Though, you can't point finger at someone with no evidence to back up your claim. The security agent have to do their job properly before final judgement. Nkechi Blessing is blowing hot because of the way they are delaying the case which made it to look as if the whole thing is not true.

Every woman will react the same way she did because you will not take it likely when your child is being molested not alone seeing another man's child suffering same trauma. She went further to say, "she don't care about the industry and if they come after her for saying the truth she's ready for them."

There are certain principle and decency we should uphold, though no one is supporting Baba Ijesha over what he did. But there must be prove before the law take final judgement on him. There are better ways the issue can be treated so that the image of the said party will not be tarnish.

Child molestation is not something to joke with, they use to pass through emotional trauma and it may have bad effect on them in the future. That's why the world is fighting for girl's right, majority of women are psychologically down because of what happened to them years back.

Let's learn to control ourselves and discipline ourselves from certain things. Let's stop inflicting problem upon someone's life. Let live a good life and promote decency all the time, a good name is better than rich.

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