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10 Things Worth Doing Before You Clock 30

There are lots of expectations for people as they clock 30 years. At times, it could be tougher when there seems to be a lack of direction for that person. Building a great life is cool but it is important that you know that you are not in any competition with anyone. Live your life in your terms and grow at your pace.

However, there are certain things you should take note of before you mark 30 years. If you have exceeded the age, it is still cool to do these things. Their importance and implementation can stand the test of time. Below are ten of them.

1. Experience Break-Up: The pain, the sadness, and the broken heart…it not just acts as a fuel to success but also changes you as a person in a better way.

2. Fall in love with the wrong person: It makes you appreciate the right one and yourself too.

3. Build Your Perfect Body: Workout and find out what suits best for your body and follow that regime for the rest of your life.

4. Travel solo, also travel a lot: The youthful zeal is definitely going to create memories for lifetimes and experiences as lessons.

5. Practice self-love as your full time job: Yes, make yourself your first priority.

6. Read books: A lot of books, I mean. They are going to help you shape as a person.

7. First job: It may or may not be your permanent job. But no matter what, you got to have this experience. It would let you know whether you’re suited to work under someone or yourself.

8. Make connections: By that I mean genuine connections, the ones that will help you in your personal growth and development.

9. Save money: Learn this skill, and I guarantee you, your life will be much easier ahead.

10. Make your parents your priority: All those phone calls, messages, family functions. Make sure you make out time with them and spent it with all love and affection. They may be there for the next 20 or 30 years or 40 if you’re lucky. Just never take them for granted.

Most importantly, never forget to live in the moment!

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