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5 Things You Should Do Before Bed to Have a Productive Day Ahead

It appears that happy and successful people, from businessmen and presidents to writers and CEOs, have a decent before-bed routine. Maybe it's because their time is limited and precious, or perhaps they've simply developed superior organizational skills. Whatever they do before bed, it appears that they all value regularity and a good night's sleep in order to have a successful and fruitful day the next day.

Of all, you don't have to become the CEO of a multinational corporation to strive for a good night's sleep and a productive day. For some of us, getting through work, exercising, organizing our children, eating well and remaining healthy, being sociable, and keeping our homes in order is a daily effort. As a result, we've compiled a list of things to do before night that will help you turn your day into a well-organized and productive success.

1. Make a schedule for the day

Spend five minutes going over your planner or calendar before going to bed. Make a list of everything you need to get done (e.g., prepare a report, attend an event, pick up the kids), then make a list of everything you want to get done (e.g. walk around the park, gym session, wardrobe clean out, pay rise request).

Prioritize and shift items to other days of the week if the list becomes too large. Some people make a list of three things they want to accomplish each day, which seems like a reasonable number. You'll have a head start on the day if you do this the evening before. You'll know exactly what you'll do when you wake up the next morning.

2. Make a fast clean up

Another useful tip is to perform a fast cleaning around your home or apartment. Don't get too worked up; we're not talking about a large vacuuming session. Attempt to complete the dishes so that the kitchen is clean and welcoming in the morning. Put your shoes and clothes away, and clean up your papers.

Clear the discs, remotes, and controllers if you've spent the night viewing DVDs or playing video games. Pillows should be fluffed and throw rugs should be folded. Return toys to their storage location and dispose of any snack wrappers in the bin. You'll be more clear-headed and willing to take on the day if you wake up to a clean house, starting with a great breakfast in your clean kitchen.

3. Relax and clear your mind

If you go to bed apprehensive, you are unlikely to get a decent night's sleep. You may find yourself staring at the ceiling, your mind racing with many ideas. If this continues until 2 a.m., you'll most likely wake up weary and grumpy and have a bad day.

You can use a variety of techniques to clear your thoughts before going to bed, including meditation. This can take as little as two minutes or as much as thirty minutes. If you don't know how to mediate, you could take a beginner's course.

Another suggestion is to read a nice book before bed - ideally a paper book instead of a tablet, as the light from the tablet may stimulate your brain and prevent you from getting a restful night's sleep.

4. Set up your workout gear

A workout at the gym, a run in the neighborhood, a walk with the dogs, or a bicycle ride along a coastal route are all excellent ways to start the day. However, it's all too easy to put off exercising because it's too early, you're late, or you're simply disorganized.

Half the battle is won by laying your clothing out the night before. You wake up, switch off your alarm (don't hit snooze! ), stagger out of bed, dress, and before you know it, you've had a juice and are on your way.

The benefits of laying out your stuff at night, rather than stumbling about in the morning looking for spotless shorts, the correct socks, and your drink bottle, are enormous. You'll be leading a healthy lifestyle, you'll feel energized and driven afterward, and you'll most likely have a productive day ahead of you.

5. Switch off your phone

If you would like to be productive the next day, getting a good night's sleep is essential. The last thing you need is to be startled awake by your phone beeping, ringing, or pinging. Even Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg switches off her phone at night! While she confesses it hurts, she switches it off so she won't be awakened up in the middle of the night.

Turn off your phone, put it on silent mode, or keep it in the kitchen. If you are using your phone's alarm, you might want to try an old-fashioned alarm clock – preferably one with a digital display because you don't want the sound of ticking keeping you up all night!

Phone calls, emails, and notifications, for example, can typically wait until the morning. And if you get a good night's sleep, you'll be more likely to respond to messages in a pleasant and intelligent manner.


Remember that getting things done before bedtime will help you have a good night's sleep and a productive day. Of course, if you're having trouble sleeping, you should consult your doctor. Best of luck!

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