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14 Clever Ways To Use Everyday Objects

Consider this the next time you're about to toss something out that you assumed had served its purpose.

There's a lot more they can do before they're tossed in the case of so many innocent goods laying around your house. For some ideas, have a look at these 15 brilliant uses for everyday items.

1. Use larger buttons to assist you keep track of little earrings.

2. Store your plastic grocery bags in a tissue box to save them for later use. When you need them, you can take them out one at a time.

3. If your keyboard is dusty, use makeup brushes to clean it.

4. Do you need to close certain doors quietly (for example, the door to the baby's room)? Make use of a rubber band.

5. Put your leftover spaghetti noodles in a Pringles can to keep them fresh. It's the ideal size!

6. Use a rubbing band to keep paint spills to a minimum.

7. Pipe cleaners can be used to keep items from falling off of plastic hangers.

8. Clear nail paint can be used to conceal screws, buttons, and other small objects.

9. To keep the soil in potted plants in place, place a coffee filter at the bottom.

10. An old plastic soda bottle can be transformed into an outstanding funnel with some smart cutting.

11. Do you want to keep your bathroom utensils organized? Here's a great approach to go about it.

12. To acquire a more precise measurement, tape the tops of powdery materials with masking tape.

13. Are you going to make an edible arrangement? If you can't find a Styrofoam block, use a colander.

14. A sunglass case doubles as a tote bag for miscellaneous items you'll need throughout the day.Please share this article with someone.

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