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Opinion: How class has ruined human interaction

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Leonardo DiCaprio in his 2006 hit movie, Black Diamond said " God has left this place."

He was referring to Africa after seeing the killings of fellow men by their own kind.

When we talk about racism and how it is institutionalized, we make it look like it is the greater evil of other vices such as tribalism, nepotism, etc.

The greater evil is class. The classification of society is what brings about division of people. It is not that we are not aware that certain differences lies between us,it is class that reminds us to see this difference.

Class is the reason why a young Nigerian man who is a terminal illness away from poverty, would choose to make a video while assisting someone.

Class is what makes him take the video to remind him that he's better than the person he is helping.

Class is the reason why people would choose to visit flamboyant restaurants just to remind themselves that can afford it.

Class, with all its structures is not just geared at dividing the society into different groups, it is geared at making you conscious that there is a difference between you and the next person.

While it seems frustrating the kind of class system we have in our world today, we shouldn't expect a change because even eternity is classified into heaven and hell

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