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Safety Tips for a Toddler's Room You Should Know

In terms of safety, babies that are old enough to crawl, let alone toddle, provide the greatest challenge because you will have to be clearing every part of the house for them. They can sense colors better than babies at this age, but they still lack the ability to comprehend a storybook scenario on a wall or understand the dangers associated with a sharp object, for example. For the time being, keep your décor ideas modest and focus on keeping every square inch clean and safe in order to protect them from dangers. No hanging linens, exposed power outlets, delicate or heavy goods on tables and shelves, and no furniture with sharp points, for instance.

Toddling toddlers will use any available vertical object to pull themselves up, so choose furniture that is both robust and steady. Make sure your floors are spotless and resilient, or cover them softly with carpets or rugs to protect them from the inevitable spills. Use slip-proof pads under each rug if you do not have any wall-to-wall carpeting. Nonslip rugs may make a big impact on any floor, but vinyl resilient tiles and wood floors are more tolerant than ceramic tile or stone.

Regardless of how active or tall your child is, you might want to switch to a low youth bed right away. It's time to move on if your youngster has even the slightest risk of climbing out of the crib. This way, you will be rest assured that your child will be safe and not falling from high beds. Also, don't forget to keep hot items, pots, stoves and meals, away from your baby.

If you can do all of these, your child will be safe from any form of danger in your home. And you should always keep your eyes on your baby.

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