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"Opera News hub" - The Beacon Of Hope

Finding your gift/calling in life can really be a mountain to climb sometimes, most especially when you're a young graduate, who just finished your SSCE exams and about to face the reality of life, only to realize that you've lost your compass and totally lost in this world filled with many vices.

Being a science student I had never been that good at telling stories, even till date, but this is just a short story of how Opera News Hub made a path for me and gave me hope.

As young lads in secondary school, most of us literate student's painted imaginations of how we would reach the clouds, the sky not being a limit to our success, with different ambitions and laid out plans to gain success within a short period of time.

Well, " my people how far" when someone gave life a thought and came up with the idea that " life is not a bed roses" then you should've known that such a person must have seen the dirt of life.

Lost and confused I graduated from college with high hopes of attaining success, with the covid-19 pandemic just at it's first phase and all means of income for my family down. I just realized my talent and drive for music, little did i know that fame was hard to come by.

If I am to narrate the whole story of how i came across Opera News Hub for content creators, I can assure you that you'll spend the whole day reading, so let me make it real short.

Coming across opera News hub for content creators really helped straighten my thoughts and approach towards life. I mean some of my first articles were rejected for plagiarism, back then when I though I could take the easy way out out of everything.

You have to work really hard to get want you desire and the satisfaction that comes from getting what you truelly worked for is incomparable.

After coming in contact with opera news hub for content creators, I have learnt to work hard. Even though sometimes, I get tired and default, am still learning, and I hope that one day I get to that level of perfection that Is deemed satisfactory.

In addition, I also got to love the idea of writing contents and readable articles. As I write today, my new website is up and running.

It might not be perfect now, but I hope that someday I get to expand and become one of the notable content creators in Nigeria, Africa and even the whole world, not forgetting my dreams of becoming a signed musician.

In conclusion, this whole write up was written just for the purpose of informing you all, my respective readers. Don't give up on your dreams. It might come late, but better late than never. Sometimes you might require a little push in other to progress, and opera news hub really served and is serving it's purpose in fostering my growth.

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Opera News SSCE The Beacon Of Hope


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