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Check out the final photos of the homeless man who turned into a model overnight.

Few days back, we all saw how lives can change even in split seconds. No one can really predict the direction that life will take. There was a photoshoot under a Lagos bridge. After the photographer had shown up, the model was yet to arrive.

Time was running out. The photographer had to get his work done so he opted for a homeless man who laid under the bridge. He was tattered and wearing his old clothes. They dressed him and he posed for the pictures.

The crew was impressed. They felt that his skin tone and posture was perfect. It was just like he was born for this.

Now, the final edited photos for the day is finally out for us all to see. Here are they.

If you ask me, these photos are wonderful. The team did a great job but the most important thing is that the life of this man has changed for the better. From this, he could get more gigs. Maybe he will process from there. We never can tell.

I hope this can inspire you to always keep hope alive no matter the situation.

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