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Checkout how unattractive gold looks before it is refined.

Gold is one of the most popular natural resources in the world. It is a yellow and dense metal that is very valuable in the world. Gold is a very precious metal that is usually refined and used to make things such as Jewellery, money, Olympic medals and so on. 

 In fact, Gold is one of the most distinguished metal in the world. This is because it doesn't retain stain, it can be moulded into any shape, it is also a good conductor of electricity and it is durable. It also has an unmatched spark and shine wherever it is. However, despite the popularlity of gold and it's many uses in our everyday life, many people have only seen it in it's refined form.

Gold in it's natural form is not as beautiful as it looks when it is refined. It is during the process when gold passes through fire that it becomes as beautiful as we know it to be. Here are some photos of what Gold looks like in it's natural form.

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