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Do Not Say 'How Are You', See 10 Alternative Ways Of Asking That Question

The question 'How are you is been overused, some people no longer answer the question or even ask it because it is now referred to as old fashioned. There are better alternative ways of asking that question. Being able to ask the question in the right way will enable you to get the exact answer you need in a short time.

The alternatives to these questions are grouped into two categories, the causal alternative and the formal alternative.

Casual Alternative To 'How are you' Questions

1. How are you doing?

You can reply by saying am doing well, thanks.

2. How have you been?

This is a more warm and friendly question, you can reply by saying l am doing well thanks or l haven't been doing great, depending on how you feel at the moment.

3. What's new, or what's new with you?

This question is asked when you haven't seen that person for a while, and you need some updates.

4. What are you up to?

Now, this comes from, to be up to mischief, which means you are doing something mischievous. It is a very friendly and endearing question.

5. How's it going?

This question is mostly used at a workplace, seeking to know how far you have gone with your task.

6. How are you feeling?

This implies that you know something about their health, maybe they are overcoming an illness and you want to know how they are feeling.

Formal Alternatives To 'How Are You' Question

7. How do you do it?

You normally say this when you are greeting someone or meeting someone you don't know so well.

8. How are you fairing?

This is rarely used but is a good formal alternative to how are you.

9. How are things coming along?

This implies that there is some sort of progress to be made, maybe you are working on a project and someone wants an update on how far you've gone.

10. How's Your Health?

This question is mostly asked by elders. If you know they have a health issue that they are happy to talk about then 'how's your health', is a perfectly reasonable way to say 'how are you.

I hope you learnt something new? please follow my page and comment on your thoughts in the section below.

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