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Seven inventions by the Biafran Army during the civil war

The creativity and innovative skills displayed by the Biafran Army was outstanding. The agitators employed scientists from University of Nsukka to spearhead the creation of weapons for the war. Let's checkout the seven inventions below:

1. Armoured Tank

The vehicle has guns that can destroy tanks and its gun can rotate on a 360 degrees.

2.Armoured Personel Carrier (APC)

The vehicle was used to transport soilders to war front and it had powerful guns.

3.Mobile Artillery Machine

4. Bomber Aircraft

The aircraft was produced from a normal jet to serve as fighter jet.

5.Modular Tank

The tank was fully made locally. It was used to refine crude oil. The modular Tank was used to processed petrol, diesel and kerosene for military and civilian use.

6.The Ogbunigwe

This was one of the most powerful locally made weapons. It was believed to be the first homemade rocket in Africa. The weapon was very effective for the soilders because it was like a set of weapons that combined IED and mines.

7. The Red Devils

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