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4 Ways To Impress A Lady On Social Media

A lot of people are always wondering how they can impress a lady on social media Being confident is a very good tool for achieving that while a good profile picture and good status update can help me create a good first impression. The first impression goes a long way in impressing a lady. Relax, do not force yourself to chat with her. In this article, I will state 5 procedures to follow to impress a lady on social media.

1. Choose a good profile: Setting a good profile picture is another way to impress a girl. Use your best picture as your DP, use pictures of where you are doing exciting things from one location to the other. For example, if you love to Sing, use a picture of yourself singing, if you like dancing, you can as well use a picture of where you are dancing.

2. Interesting Status: you are easily impressing a lady when you post more of things that she finds interesting. She will get addicted to your WhatsApp status and before you know she's in your dm telling you how much you make her happy with your posts.

3. Check out social media to learn more about her: when you know about her you will be able to make posts around things that interest her. Getting to know her interest will help you to start and to maintain a good relationship with her. 

4. Bring the conversation to a deeper level: Starting a deeper conversation will show her that you care about understanding who she is as a person. After some small talk, or after you’ve had a few superficial conversations, try to find a topic that’s close to her heart. You could ask questions about her goals, passions, and dreams, like “What are three things you want to accomplish in life?” Try asking about the qualities she looks for or admires in a person, about her favorite childhood memory, or what the most important thing in the world is to her.

These are four of the numerous ways to impress a lady on social media.

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