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Primary Education


Any of these photos will make you understand that change is constant.

Like songwriters said, “memories bring back memories.” a real Nigerian and anyone who met the reign of these things below would not forget back in the days.

(1). The slate: one of the most useful learning materials for primary school students right then. The Slate used chalk as its pen.

(2). Sandals: there are different types, but this one it's a special kind that would remain in our memory.

(3). The Cabin biscuit: you might see the name, but the making has changed. 

(4). This rubber doll was one of a kind for little children those days, especially the girls.

(5). This is how threads used to come in those days and this black thread was the most common type.

(6). This toy's also one of the bests. I remember how we used to turn water inside it and enjoy the sound it produces.

(7). My book of Bible story. One of the Christian books, that gathered children to listen from who can interpret those. Other books in school like, Ali and Chimbi, Eze goes to school, the Sugar girl, and all that.

(8). This special type of coca-cola crake was common back in the days.

(9). This torch was nice. It's unlike the ones nowadays that easily develop faults.

(10). This videocassette, only a few persons had the deck in my place in those days. 

(11). This lantern was the modern light then. It used Kerosene. 

(12). This tape was widely used before CDS, an upgraded version took over.(13). The wind power. One of the most common plays for children.

From the above things, you will understand that, then, and now, there is a massive improvement. Likewise, in the few years to come, everything you see presently will become a story to tell.

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