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5 Things You Should Know About Death To Humble You

Do you know that there are certain things you should know about death and dying? Sometimes either due to our ranking and the things we have achieved on earth, we end up boasting and feigning to be invincible while in actuality we are not in anyway. There is need to go through some of the facts about death that I'm going to pour out to you in this piece.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the things you should know about death as a human being. These things are purely the writer's idea but they will go a long way in humbling anyone who might think he or she outranks others in anyway. Just sit tight and go through these facts.

1. Life Will not cease to exist or even continue because you died. Whatever you were doing and whatever you were so good at before dying would still be done by others when you are gone, so there is need to be humble and take life easy.

2. No matter how much people love you in this life, no one would want to go into a coffin with you when you eventually leave this earth, so endeavour to love yourself no matter how much of a philanthropist you are.

3. Your beautiful pictures and profile pictures today would one day serve as your obituary photos. So be humble no matter the position you think you are in today as no one knows tomorrow. We just have to pray for grace and long life.

4. Speaking from a religious and spiritual standpoint, death is not the end of life rather it is the doorway to a new beginning in every persons life. When you die, you don't varnish into thin air, rather you start a new life either in paradise or in hell where age doesn't matter and there's no death anymore to take you.

5. You start living officially when you conquer the fear of death. This is because death is the necessary end of existence on earth and the transition to a new life.

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