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DIY: 5 Easy Steps On How To Turn Trousers To Shorts

Shorts are a famous fashion thing for a laid back and easygoing style, and they are the go-to wear on bright or warm days and there is an expanding number of individuals who appreciate it today. I need to tell you basic steps on the best way to make new shorts from old pants or trousers without fundamentally spending a fortune, these tips have been verified and you need simply next to zero sewing abilities to pull this off. 

How To Make Jeans Into Shorts In 5 Simple Steps Because Legs Need To  Breathe!

1. Take your measurements: Take your measurement from your holds up to only somewhat over your knee, this is the ideal shorts length. You can anyway pick any point as the length of your ideal short as there is nobody style fits all. 

2. Cut your old pants: With some fitting scissors, cut your pants 2cm away from your ideal place of shorts length. This extra 2cm will prove to be useful as we progress. 

How to Upcycle Jeans into Bermuda Shorts DIY

3. Join the shorts closes: Using a sewing machine, crease the closures of the all-around cut shorts and fasten them together to accomplish that fine wrapping up. Now, take additional consideration to guarantee the two legs of the shorts are of equivalent length. 

4. Iron: Now iron your new short particularly the edges where the cut and join just occurred. 

How to Make Shorts out of Pants: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

5. Eliminate each free string: Look through your work and eliminate any free string to accomplish that smooth standpoint. 

Set aside some effort to praise the accomplishment of upcycling your old pants and making them shorts while making a point to likewise partake in your new shorts. 

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