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How To Set Up Mushroom Farm In Your Home

Generally, all Mushrooms are called Fungi, a fungus organism carries out the decomposition of organic and decaying matter such as decaying wood and food wastes.

There are basically different types of Mushrooms which are; Poisonous Mushroom, Medicinal Mushroom, Edible Mushrooms and even Psychoactive Mushrooms.

In Nigeria, the most grown type of Mushroom is the Edible Mushroom mostly Pleurotus species (Oyester Mushroom).

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Mushroom farming is gradually gaining popularity recently in Nigeria and in other countries. Especially in Nigeria where the citizens complain bitterly of lack of jobs or employment opportunities.

Mushroom farming can be of a great help in bettering the lives of many Nigerians as it could fetch cool cash to the farmers who operate at a high scale without spending much money and time.

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Nutritional benefit of Mushroom; Mushroom is rich in Protein, Carbohydrate, Fibres, Minerals such as Potassium and Calcium. It is also rich in Vitamins, such as Vitamin B6, and C.

Setting up Mushroom farm could be easy but it requires a little bit of your attention especially when you are in for large scale production.

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Here are ways to set up your own small scale Mushroom farming;

1. Get a well ventilated room; Mushroom is a living organism and so, it requires oxygen to carry out its respiration as well as its metabolic activities. The room seleted for Mushroom farming should have a temperature lower than 30°c.

2. Get plastic containers, make holes on them to allow the entrance of air, and for the out-growth of the mushrooms.

(Photo credit; Mushroom Cultivation network)

3. Get your mushrooms from the bush or from other farmers who breed and sale mushroom.

4. Get decaying matter like dead wood, decaying kitchen wastes, allow to undergo decomposition. Water is equally sprinkled on the decaying matter. Take a little of the decaying matter and put into the containers as a source of food for the mushroom.

(Photo credit; Mushroom Cultivation network)

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