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What You Will Find In A Sewing Kit

There are some basic things you find in the sewing kit and this will help you get a neat stitch every time you put the needle to work.

Needles : You'll want to look for "longer pins" for basic sewing, "Embroidery" needles have larger eyes (an eye is the hole at the top of the needle) and are used with thicker threads, like upholstery or embroidery floss.

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Scissors : You'll want a good pair of scissors (normally sold with names like "dressmaking shears"), Smaller embroidery scissors are also good for cutting threads.

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Beeswax : Sounds odd, I know, but its essential for hand sewing. When you run your thread over the Beewax, it gives the thread a nice coating that will keep it from tangling and make it stronger.

Thimbles :These could be wood, leather or metal, they'll keep your fingers from getting sore and/or pricked.

How to Use a Sewing Kit |

Thread or Floss : An all-purpose cotton thread is good for most domestic things, However, there are many threads to choose from. You'll use this for embroidery and finishing.

Fabric - I recommend you going to your local sewing store and buying some remnants to start off with? Remnants are small bits of fabric from the end of a fabric roll.

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