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Things you should not tell anyone

We live in a world where you don't have to tell everyone about your plan, you should keep some of your plans private. You can hinder yourself from becoming successful by telling everyone whatever thing you want to do. The things you say don't matter but what matters is what you don’t say that results in success. 


Keeping quiet is one of the lifestyles one should adopt to be successful. This is because they are things you should not tell anyone before doing it. Telling people about your achievement is better than telling them your plans for the future.

Here Are some of them should not You Should not Tell Anyone:

1. Never disclose your weaknesses to anyone

2. Don't tell anyone about the people that help you

3. Don't tell people about your plans for the future

4. Don't tell people how you want to spend your money

5. Don't tell anyone about your secret

6. Don't tell anyone about your family issues

7. Don't tell anyone about your mistakes and regret

8. Don't tell anyone about your income

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