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How To Sew Handkerchief

A handkerchief is a material piece, regularly square fit, utilized for various reasons, for example, cleaning the face, nose, and it's sometimes tied around the head or on the neck as a scarf tie. 

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It is additionally stylishly positioned in the pocket for design. The utilization of handkerchiefs is huge. This multipurpose thing isn't just modest yet simple to make. Coming up next are the means to sewing a handkerchief. 

The primary thing in sewing a handkerchief is to get the proper material. The material utilized for sewing handkerchiefs is generally delicate. It tends to be plain or designed yet ought to be delicate. In spite of the fact that cotton is regularly utilized, you can utilize other delicate materials of your decision. 

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The second step in sewing a handkerchief is to slice the material to the ideal size. The handkerchief can be of rectangular or square shape. Whichever one you decide to sew, cut it out in the ideal size. For a square handkerchief, the standard size is 12 by 12, however, you can likewise go for 8 by 8 or some other size. For the rectangular one, you can go for size 12 by 8 or some other too. 

The subsequent stage is to overlay a half-inch on all sides and press it with an iron. Overlap another half-inch on all sides again and iron it as well. That makes it two folds of half-inch each on all sides. 

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The last advance to sewing a handkerchief is to join it on the collapsed sides with a sewing machine or hand sewing. Indeed! You can sew one with a hand fasten without a trace of a sewing machine. Nonetheless, when deciding to go with a hand fasten, you should utilize the running line. Likewise, when sewing the handkerchief, be aware of the corner. 

With these straightforward advances, you can make handkerchiefs of various tones to utilize stylishly with your outfits. 

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