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10 Life Lessons A Father Must Teach His Son

1. Your Freedom begins the day you realise nobody is coming to save you.

Your life is completely in your own hands and that's what makes life beautiful. Internalise that fact that your success is your responsibility alone because independence is freedom and freedom is power.

2. Self Discipline Unlocks the world

To master the world, master yourself . Success requires consistent effort and consistent effort is impossible with self discipline. Discipline is the hedge against failed motivation. Do the hard thing especially when you don't want to.

3. Leaders Don't Ask For Permission

Leadership isn't negotiated. A leader who begs for compliance is a leader only in name. Assume responsibility and do whats needs to be done and do it completely. And people will follow your vision because you attract them and not because you chase them.

4. Laziness Will Kill You

An active mind requires an active body. A slothful body atrophies the mind and a dead mind destroys the soul. You were blessed with arms,legs,hands and feet so that you may move free around the earth. To receive such a gift and not use it is a sin.

5. Be Wary Of The Herd

In nature, the herd is usually running from danger. In humans, the herd is usually running towards it. If you never depart from the herd, you will always be following someone else path. Leadership means the courage to change directions.

6. True Fulfilment comes From Improvement

Man is only happy when he is making himself or the world around him better. The area of his improvement is less relevant than the progress itself. A life spent making the world more beautiful is never wasted.

7. Growth Requires Pain

physical,Mental and emotional growth requires physical, mental and emotional strain. If it doesn't pain hurt, you aren't growing. If it isn't uncomfortable then you aren't at your limit. But also be wary of pain because while some pain is growth some is a warning.

8. Comfort Is Like A Drug

Where pain is growth comfort is death. And by the time you realise your addicted, the damage is already done. Your ambitions wither in a soft cocoon. Your life goes easy when you do something hard. And you can't do hard things while indulge in comfort.

9. Kindness Is not Niceness

Kindness signals abundance, niceness signals necessity. Ask yourself " what do i expect in return for this action?" A man who wants nothing in return is a man who already has everything he needs. And there is nothing more powerful than that.

10. Learn From The Failures Of Others

Learning the hard way is to learn from our mistakes while learning the easy way is learning from the mistakes if others. Failures are feedbacks and every failure holds a leasson. Watch other people like a hawk amd when they faulters take note.

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