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3 Habits That Can Make People To Disrespect You

The days when respect was based solely on age are long gone. Nowadays, your characteristics and achievements tend to earn you respect. I did some research and gathered some information regarding some of the reasons why people, particularly the elderly, are disrespected, and I noticed that some lifestyle behaviors are known to contribute to this. Respect is important in life because it allows us to feel accepted no matter where we are, which is why parents should teach their children to respect from an early age.

Respect, on the other hand, has been deemed mandatory by many people, although it is not. Respect is a decision, and you can't make someone respect you; trying to do so would only result in disrespect. In this article, I've gathered a list of certain lifestyle practices that may cause others to see you with contempt. Here are a few of them.

Poor dressing sense.

It is important to maintain a good appearance at all times. You don't need to spend a lot of money to seem fashionable; rather, knowing how to put together the proper outfits and putting them together offers you an advantage. If you want people to respect you, you must make good fashion a part of your daily routine.


I used to believe that maturity was determined by one's age, but I was wrong; maturity has nothing to do with one's age. Some adults have chosen to act like children, despite the fact that this may result in disrespect. The ability to control our emotions is one of the characteristics that distinguishes mature people, however many people have lost this ability. They tend to retaliate at the least provocation, which leads to contempt.


Always strive to express yourself in a few words because using a lot of words causes people to mistrust you. Those that speak up when they're called upon are generally admired for their maturity. You should let your deeds speak louder than your words.

Finally, if you want to command respect from others, avoid the behaviors listed above.

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