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15 Things You Shouldn't Have at Home After You Turn 30

Do you consider yourself to be an adult? I'm sure your house says something different. Adults are defined as those who have reached maturity on both ends and are now growing in the middle, according to Urban Dictionary. In my perspective, I'm a little tougher, especially when it comes to your middle. Leave your excuses of "sorry, the place is a shambles" at the front door. These 15 things shouldn't be at your home when you are above 30 -

1. Fake plants

If you wouldn't have any genuine plants in your residence, you should get some. Don't cover your home with fake plants; you are now an adult! 

2. Posters and prints that aren't framed

Remember how you used to put up whichever hunk of meat with a low IQ your little magazine deemed attractive? I'm hoping it's a thing of the past.

3. Display of trophies

Trophies should not be shown until you have won a gold medal at the Olympics. Why should you keep reminding everyone that your finest days are behind you?

4. An unkempt bed

People who actually make their beds every morning are more productive, refreshed, and active than those who do not. Throw in a bottle of pinot noir on the weekend, and you've got yourself an adult.

5. Dishes and cutlery sets that are missing pieces

I'm not sure how you're dazzling folks at dinner parties if you don't have a whole set of flatware or plates. 

6. A collection of shot glasses

How's it going with your liver? Can't recall? That's what I assumed.

7. Inflatable furniture

This isn't a pool; it's a house.

8. Lamps made of lava

I'm declining because they require 38 hours to heat up, and as a grownup, you don't have that kind of time.

9. Adorable picture frames

Or, for that matter, a digital photo frame. When it comes to images, "strength in numbers" doesn't really apply. I'm always taken aback by the PowerPoint fade in and fade out.

10. Mosquito net

Unless you already have a doctor's note for a mosquito net, why not get a malaria injection instead?

11. Stacks of mail that hasn't been opened

This one has a lot of meaning. Everything significant in life is packaged in small white envelopes. You only need a little time to open then and read what's inside. 

12. Display of CDs or DVDs

They have these wonderful things called rubbish bins, which are where CDs and DVDs should be placed. Alternatively, hide it in a cupboard out of sight. It is all up to you.

13. Anything you can find under your bed

At some point in our lives, we've all served as mayor of dust mite city. Being an adult is making difficult decisions, and if you use something so infrequently that it sleeps under your bed, you should probably get rid of it.

14. Dust

This is the kind of dust that makes your table look like it's covered with carpet. Dust bunnies aren't meant to be kept as pets. If you keep feeding them, they'll get so big that they'll eat you.

15. Material over lamps

Isn't it time for a little mood lighting? That's something the Fire Department would have to comment about.

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