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How Our Feelings Affect The Way We Interact With People

All of us don't feel the same way towards the same situation. We have different thought patterns that affect how we live our lives and relate to people.

Many of us are governed by our emotions. The ways we make decisions, talk to people, behave, and how we see things are usually controlled by how we feel.

There are different kinds of feelings that we all go through. These emotions determine the way we interact with people.

When we are happy. It shows in the way we treat people, even those we don't like.

Happiness is a state of mind that people experience whenever they are satisfied with their situation in life.

This is when we smile at people, speak pleasantly to them, and are not agitated against them.

When we feel sad, it shows in the way we interact with others.

Sadness is a mood swing that is caused by feelings of dissatisfaction and despair that last for some time.

This is when we isolate ourselves from others. We frown our faces and don't feel like talking to anyone.

We choose to be quiet even when we are among our friends. Sadness may lead to depression if it continues for a long time.

Another emotion that affects how we relate to people is fear.

People experience fear when they feel something dangerous is going to happen, or when they feel they will lose something important.

This makes us agitate against others. It also makes us impatient with people because we are anxious about what might happen.

The next one is a strong feeling of dislike. When we feel irritated or disgusted about someone or something they have done, we turn away from them.

Sometimes we hiss, cover our noses, or spit on the ground to show that we feel disgusted.

When we feel angry, it also affects our relationship with others. We have strong emotions of hatred, impatience, sadness, and hostility toward others.

Our eyes turn red, we frown, and we raise our voices at others. Some people may even throw something at you when they are angry.

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